Sales literature

Let us win over your customers – in black and white

Printed documents in the digital age? Absolutely! In many decision-making processes, an impressive product flyer or high-quality image brochure is still indispensable.


BRB United – Well-structured for a complete overview

Rotary, Blitz, Elektron and Butler – four established brands under one roof! We created the layout and design of the new data sheets to enable users to quickly find their bearings and obtain all the relevant information at a glance. Despite the heterogeneous content, this was achieved through large branding spaces, a versatile 12-column layout grid and defined modules, such as highlights and eye-catchers.

Bürk-Mobatime – Two concepts, one visual line

Bürk-Mobatime product brochures clearly stem from the same company, yet through the imagery and graphic details are also suitably aimed at various different target groups. The content is also perfectly adapted to the readership: While for sports displays the focus is on technical specifications, time tracking project business impressively draws on case studies and customer opinions.

Continental – Hard copy decision aid

Whether for a radio or loudspeaker, this product brochure centers on transparent and comparative illustration of the various models. Where successful, prospects become customers and the question is no longer about which manufacturer to choose, but rather which product.