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We transform your product data into sales aids – and superlative aids at that

Whether hard copy or digital: In many business areas catalogs are the core sales promoters. Using PIM systems and database publishing, the catalogs we create leave absolutely nothing to be desired in terms of topicality, variation, language and format.


PIM systems Collect once, use repeatedly

Up to date, fast and cost-efficient – anyone wishing to successfully market a comprehensive product portfolio will find a PIM system indispensable. A product information management system (PIM) is used to catalog all products online including technical data and images. This complete product database forms the basis for printed and online catalogs, data sheets, product lists, webshop etc.

Basis for data: Product details, images, documents, films, audio files etc. can flow into the PIM system from a variety of sources – from ERP systems, for example.

PIM system: System for centralized administration, configuration, structuring, augmentation and translation of product data.

Output: Virtually no limit to the processing and output of product data via various media channels.

Marquardt One investment, continual savings

With our support, Marquardt used the pending republication of their general catalog to switch from manual catalog preparation to a PIM-based solution. Now, product lists can be issued, up-to-date print catalogs and data sheets created, and the online catalog and B2B webshop maintained for a fraction of the time and cost.

VDO Marine Focus on target groups

Our solution for the heterogeneous product portfolio with three product lines, diverse target groups and various application options was a modular catalog concept. The appropriate catalogs can be incorporated into a neutral folder according to the target group and application. All three product line catalogs are layout but address each respective target group through the choice of photo motifs, type of cover finish, use of application icons and language.