Brand development & maintenance

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Good brands are precious. Clear positioning, a coherent identity and consistent image increase the value of your brand.


Mobatime – Initial support for brand redesign

Mobatime AG has the resources and knowledge to independently create its own printed material. However, to gain inspiration for a successful brand face-lift the Swiss company turned to the specialists. The result is a modern and unique image that highlights the character of the company with precision. With a corporate design manual, layout templates and scripts to create the characteristic, variable data clouds, Mobatime is armed with everything it needs to independently implement a professional brand presence.

Maurer – Minor changes, major impact

Only small changes were required to rework the Maurer logo in order to harmonize perception, increase presence and minimize the number of versions across all the various media. A straightforward design to enable a clear positioning was also part and parcel for the business stationary. Processing extras such as edge coloring, partial UV coating and matt film lamination lend the business cards that certain something.