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Learning with perspective

A prospective media designer and, for the first time, a marketing trainee have moved into their desks with us today. Alica and Jana each have 36 months of training ahead of them - and the prospect of subsequently strengthening the growing com-a-tec team. This is a long tradition at the Villingen-based agency. The designers and technical editors who have been trained here and are still employed have a combined working life of around 95 years.

Alica and Jana have an exciting time ahead of them. From the very beginning they are involved in "real" projects. Early on they will take on responsibility in smaller projects. This is possible because all trainees and volunteers at com-a-tec have permanent access to other workers for technical matters. Their knowledge grows every day. This is supplemented by internships with our suppliers and in external and internal training. By the way, our knowledge grows with every new face in the corridors. We are interested in individual interests and skills - and we do a lot to enable our employees to develop and expand them.

Speaking of skills: So that they can express themselves, we attach importance to the latest hardware and software at the workstations. And for us, a company car is not a privilege of the long-serving, but is also parked on some of the trainee parking lots.

In this sense: Welcome Alica and Jana!


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