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WebGL & Virtual Reality

Accompany us beyond the bounds of reality

Where reality reaches its limits, virtual reality takes over. VR allows users to substitute physical contact, travel through corporate history and experience the ins andouts of a machine. Image, product, project or vision, by using WebGL and VR an infinite number of things can be experienced in an entertaining and exciting way.

STEINEL Exciting insights

After its initial conception, the first prototype of the new, triple patented gas pressure spring with integrated sensor technology was ready for the product presentation. However, what exactly is inside the iGDF and how the complete system works remained a mystery. Not an issue for the STEINEL sales team: WebGL technology allows prospective customers to gain an impressive insight into the iGDF and how the system works.

Volksbank Pforzheim Complete immersion

Volksbank Pforzheim celebrated its 150th anniversary with a series of activities. The key highlight was a VR application that was available for independent use by passers-by for a whole year as part of the open public exhibition in the bank foyer. The application took viewers through three virtual rooms, completely immersing them in the moving history of the bank. We designed and implemented the entire application in the Unreal Engine for Oculus Rift headsets. The custom-made, barrier-free mobile furniture was also conceived by us.