Technical documentation

We explain your products – to make them even more popular

com-a-tec operates an in-house business segment that specializes in creating technical documentation. Our team of qualified editors and graphic designers equip each product with professional technical documentation, be it machinery, equipment, vehicle systems or software.

Whether operating instructions, system manuals, service literature or online support – over 90 % of technical documents created by com-a-tec’s team come from state-of-the-art editorial systems. The result is consistent document quality as well as releases, versions, and language adaptations that can be created with maximum speed and efficiency.

VDO – Equipped for further updates

As a SCHEMA Bronze partner, while reworking the DTCO 4.0 instruction manual we took the opportunity to absorb the previous documentation into the SCHEMA ST4 content management system – incorporating 29 different languages. Why? For a start, the recycling of information and the import of DTCO 4.0 display texts from an Excel table supplied by a customer saves both time and cost. What used to be created with a great deal of manual effort can now be achieved with relative ease in every language. Bring on the updates!

SICK – Simply simple

Simple operation of the KTX/KTL contrast sensors by the user – such was the stated objective of the customer. As a consequence, pictorial images were developed for both the quick start manual and operating instructions that visualized the sequence of actions and respective results (display) at a glance. It goes without saying that the contrast sensor texts were stored in the system in a way that could enable subsequent use for as many device versions as possible.

Trumpf Laser – Text and graphics from a single source

For the operating instructions for the new BEO D50 focusing optics, com-a-tec created the texts in the Noxum editorial system used by Trumpf Laser, reusing existing text modules wherever possible. We transformed CAD data created by the customer into line art graphics ranging from simple 2D perspectives and 3D details to complex module overviews.