Media & PR

Whether media selection, advertising campaign or PR consulting – we raise the profile of your company

Trade media, both printed and online, are compulsory reading for B2B decision-makers. It is therefore all the more important to have your brand, expertise, and products well-positioned in the relevant media. 


Destaco – Complete preparation of media budget

As a traditional American company and part of the Dover Corporation, Destaco is well-equipped to carry out any marketing and media operations. Yet, when it comes to the selection of European media, preparation of the annual media strategy, European PR articles and pan-European distribution, the American company opted for a local agency – not least because of our knowledge of the relevant languages and cultural differences.

VDO – Garnering attention to boost awareness

On occasion, advertisements may well be provocative – provided they clearly raise target group awareness, cleverly move to the actual pitch and avoid personal insult. And so what would catch the eye most effectively in a technical partner newsletter? Exactly, just what we thought!

VDO – Classically good

State-of-the-art technology, superlative service, friendly staff and amiable customers – in classic image advertising, the character and philosophy of the company is primarily mediated through the typical VDO imagery. A simple task for us.