Films & animations

We give your message emotive, informative and vivid impetus

Good films and animations create awareness and emotion. They communicate information in an easily understandable way and explain complex correlations in a simple manner.

migrolino – 3D complements real film

pick-me 24/7 is the fully automated shopping station by Swiss retailer migrolino AG, which enables the purchase of daily necessities around the clock. A short film sets the scene for the innovation project and lets the viewer understand the shopping experience and the technology behind it.

STEINEL – Watch and be amazed

STEINEL has been using 3D animation for product presentations in photorealistic quality since 2013. Eight animations have now been created to offer viewers insights they would not normally gain. Production and formation processes, construction, manufacturing etc. – the films showcase just what makes STEINEL products so special. Our job is to carve out these special features and develop stimulating concepts and scripts. A specialist partner also supported us in creating the photorealistic 3D animations.

UNITI – E-Fuels explained in 120 seconds

The UNITI e.V. (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Mineral Oil Companies) is committed to the widespread use of e-fuels. After all, e-fuels can be the solution for the climate-neutral transport of tomorrow and can also be used sensibly on the heating market. The animations we have designed and implemented explain briefly and concisely what e-fuels are, how they are produced and why we can use them to achieve our climate targets. After all, understanding is the prerequisite for change.