Communication strategies

Benefit from our B2B expertise to enhance your business

B2B is different: Brand positioning, purchasing incentives, decision-making and target group behavior are often significantly different from that of the consumer market. An effective communication strategy needs to recognize and resolutely address these specifics. 

UNITI expo Global and cross-media

The successful marketing of the leading European sector trade fair UNITI expo required the development of a comprehensive communication strategy and everything that entails: com-a-tec prepared a global market analysis, precise target group definitions, a strategic advertising plan and the commensurate advertising messages. Ultimately, everyone had to be reached: Decision-makers in oil companies, suppliers in the fields of technology, payment and logistics, car wash and car care, shopping and convenience, as well as gas station operators – and all in over 50 countries worldwide.

Continental Universal vs. specific targeting

The Vehicle Electronics division of the Continental Group develops solutions that are used for a diverse range of vehicles. The fact that universally applicable product flyers can be combined with a specific targeted approach is evident from the communication guidelines developed by com-a-tec. Accordingly, the guidelines combine target group folders with universal flyers and define target group icons and three-layer cover motifs with product benefits and images.